Admiral of Fleet: Carrier Battles in WW2 is a real-time, tactical naval warfare simulation game focusing on carrier battles in WW2. It features 20 scenarios covering the naval battles between carriers in the early stage of the war, from December 1941 to the end of 1942, before US mighty industry tipped the balance in her favor and finally overwhelmed Japanese resistance. You are posted as overall commander of the battles on either Allied or Japanese side, as you may choose, and tasked with various missions, such as protecting your islands, destroying enemy fleet, or securing enemy controlled territory.




You'll be able to manage the deck and hangar on each of the carriers under your command, and organize ship-borne reconnaissance, combat air patrol and air strikes against enemy ships and land targets.


You'll be able to command land-based aircraft, if available in the battle, to protect your islands, search enemy ships and launch air strikes against them.


You'll be able to command land units, if available in the battle, to land on enemy controlled territory, or the other way around, to thwart enemy amphibious assault.


You'll be able to deploy your fleet and adjust the composition of your carrier-borne air group in most of the battles.


Each battle map, covering an area of up to 3000km x 3000km, is built on satellite verified terrain data (mountains, hills, plain, river etc.), land cover data (forest, grassland, desert etc.).


Current Scenarios:

1. Tutorial Session 1 (Attack)

2. Tutorial Session 2 (Landing)

3. Fate of Force Z (Historical)

4. Fate of Force Z (with HMS Indomitable)

5. Indian Ocean Raid (Historical)

6. Indian Ocean Raid

7. Coral Sea (Historical)

8. Coral Sea

9. Midway (Historical)

10. Midway 1 (4 vs 3)

11. Midway 2 (4 vs 2)

12. Midway 3 (6 vs 3)

13. Midway 4 (8 vs 3)

14. Midway 5 (8 vs 4)

15. Midway 6 (6 vs 2)

16. Midway Max (8 vs 5)

17. Eastern Solomons (Historical)

18. Eastern Solomons

19. Santa Cruz Islands (Historical)

20. Santa Cruz Islands